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Orchid Watering

It is ideal to water your orchid using room temperature or lukewarm water as cold water can shock your orchid and cause permanent damage. Never use water that has been softened by a water softener! The salts in this water can kill your plant. I have found that the best watering schedule is as follows:

Not In Bloom:

The watering requirements for a non blooming orchid are different than when the orchid is in bloom. Usually orchids require less water when not in bloom and can stay dormant for a month and even up to years. Overwatering when the orchid is not in bloom can, at the very least, delay blooming and potentially even kill the plant.

orchid not in bloom

This is an example of an orchid not currently in bloom.

In Bloom:

When in bloom you would water your orchid more frequently than when not in bloom. You may also lightly mist the leaves for added moisture especially during the drier seasons like winter and summer. Our orchid care ebook talks about exactly how much and how often to water your orchid both while blooming and while not in bloom.

wet orchid leaves

As you can see here the orchid leaves and planting medium are wet from misting.

Too much watering can kill your orchid. The planting medium will dictate how often you should water/spray your orchid. Bark tends to dry out faster than moss so you may have to water more often.

orchid in bloom

This is an example of an orchid currently blooming.

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orchid bloom