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Orchid Re-blooming

Every orchid variety has different requirements for reblooming including temperature and lighting fluctuations. Orchids will bloom for up to four months with perfect, beautiful blooms and can rebloom up to three times a year!

Phalaenopsis orchid bloom

When your orchidís blooms finish falling off cut the stem just under the shoot from where the blooms came. One of two things will happen now. Either the entire stem will start turning brown or a new shoot will emerge from that first knuckle under where you cut the stem.

orchid new shoot

This is how the new shoot will appear after four to five weeks time.

If your stem does NOT turn brown you will probably have a new shoot starting out from the first knuckle down from the top of the stem. Learn how to get the most enjoyment out of your orchid by reading the tips and tricks on reblooming in our orchid care ebook.

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orchid bloom