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Orchid Planting

It is common for orchids to be planted in either moss, fir bark, or coconut husk and more often than not a mixture of two or three of these is used. People make decorative planters for their orchids and use small glass stones as the planting medium.

In our orchid care ebook we talk about uncommon planting mediums like this as well as the more common planting mediums.

orchid potting moss

Here is an example of a Phalaenopsis orchid planted in moss.

orchid potting bark

Here is an example of a Phalaenopsis orchid planted in bark.

Orchid Re-potting

Re-potting your orchid is primarily for the purpose of giving your plant fresh medium, not just to upgrade the size of your pot. You should know that orchids like to be a little tight in their pots. Pot size should be dictated by the size of your plant, not the other way around.

orchid roots

Don't be afraid if the roots look tight in the pot such as these. Orchid roots are better left a little tight as opposed to being re-potted too early.

Orchids potted in larger pots tend to focus their growing energies on root growth and may not bloom for quite some time because of this. Proper drainage is very important when choosing a pot for your orchid. You may choose a clay pot, plastic pot, terra cotta pot or a number of others. A good idea is to choose a simple plastic pot that fits into another pot (2-pot method, which is ideal) then you can just pull the plastic pot out so you can water and drain your orchid properly.

First of all, you need to know what planting medium your orchid needs. All orchids potted in the typical bark medium should be replanted every 16-24 months. Be very careful with the roots when re-potting because they are usually quite tangled and new roots can break very easily. All decaying roots should be snipped off carefully to allow room for those new roots to grow.

If in doubt about re-potting, put it off for another year!

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orchid bloom