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Orchid Pests

Scale – There are quite a few types of Scale that can affect orchids. This type of pest secretes a hard waxy covering that most pesticides can get at unless there is a wetting agent added to the treatment. Large infestations are really difficult to treat even with strong pesticides. Scale typically appears as a raised, circular bump on any part of the plant. Left untreated, this can completely take over your orchid killing the tissue as it spreads.

Mealybugs– These insects usually plague the leafy varieties of orchids such as Paphiopedilums. The symptoms often start with a white, sticky patch under the leaves or in some other inconspicuous location. They spread quickly in warmer conditions. Again, alcohol on a cotton swab can be used for a small infestation.

Spider Mites – These insects are very hard to see but the damage they do is quite apparent. Mites increase in number very rapidly in dry conditions. These little pests leave little pits or holes in the lower surfaces of the leaf and the leaves are left looking silvery and dry.

Aphids – These are very small greenish bugs that gather on new buds and/or leaves and are a very easily controlled pest. They have sharp little mouthparts that go through the plant surfaces which can allow for fungi or viruses to erupt on your plant so it’s important to get rid of these pests as soon as possible.

White Fly – These look exactly like their name, they are small white flies that are easily controlled with the correct treatment.

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