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Lighting is very important for growing a happy, healthy orchid. Too much light could cause the leaves to burn and too little light will prevent the orchid from blooming. The best lighting is filtered or indirect sunlight (such as behind a curtain or blind).

orchid filtered light

This type of window shading is optimal for growing orchids. You can adjust the amount of direct sunlight that the orchid receives.

The colour of your leaves is a good indicator of how much light your orchid needs. Orchids should have bright green leaves.

Dark green leaves indicate that the plant is not getting enough light. Greenish-yellow or red leaves would mean that the plant is getting too much light.

healthy orchid leaf

Here you see a healthy and bright green orchid leaf.

overexposed orchid leaf

Here you see an orchid leaf that has received too much direct sunlight. Note the red speckled colouring that may develop after the leaf has faded from a bright, healthy green to a dull, mottled green.

If you think your orchid is getting too much light simply feel the leaves. If they are noticeably warmer than the air around it then your orchid is getting too much light and should be moved somewhere a little less exposed.

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orchid bloom